The HKU BioArt exhibition at RE_NATURE displays a selection of works by young artists that explore the relationship between humans and nature. The aim is to make the audience (re)connect with nature or at least question their current relationship with nature. I designed an informational booklet, containing information about the exhibition, wayfinding and an overview of the partaking projects.

The booklet is essentially a folded A3-risoprint, which reveals more and more information as it is unfolded. I chose to work with a combination of clean typography and sketched illustrations to convey a biological feel. The booklets were all eco-friendly risoprinted and folded.

TEXTS Exhibitors & Martijn van Gessel TEXT EDITING Martijn van Gessel & Jonne Verheij GRAPHIC DESIGN Jonne Verheij PRINTING Martijn van Gessel & Jonne Verheij

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