Promises To Go (2021) is an album by Esther Pelgrom. In addition to the CD and cover art, I designed a booklet containing some excerpts from her blog and the lyrics to the songs. Photos from the whole process behind the making of the album are also woven through the book. Illustrated titles, text and sketched elements are added to stress the theme of the album: trusting the process.

Listen to Esther’s album here!

MUSIC Esther Pelgrom, Michiel Pelgrom, Erwin Heijnen, Michel Rözer, Bas Janssen, Gerben Kruisselbrink, Wies Knipping, Benno Spieker, Theo Janssen PRODUCING & ENGINEERING Theo Janssen MASTERING Ivo Statinski TEXT & FINAL EDITING Esther Pelgrom, Christa Jongeling, Jonne Verheij GRAPHIC DESIGN & PHOTO EDITING Jonne Verheij PHOTOGRAPHY Maikel van der Beek, Kristel van Herpt Esther Pelgrom

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