Our Ancestral Home (2022) is the story of a stunningly beautiful region of Europe where the locals cherish their traditions, speak a mysterious language and pass down the picturesque houses and farms from generation to generation. That’s how it has always been. But tourists and wealthy urbanites have now discovered the region, and the original inhabitants are succumbing to the lure of the exorbitant amounts that outsiders are willing to pay for a rural retreat. “We have sold our country,” activists lament. But who can resist the laws of capitalism?

During my internship at Kummer & Herrman I was fortunate enough to work on this publication with the team. It’s part of the project The Europeans, a quest to find the contemporary European, by photographer Rob Hornstra & journalist Arnold van Bruggen. I took care of the cover design, color combinations, the filling of the publication and the online exhibition.

This catalogue accompanies the exhibition in Station V, Bayonne in July and August 2022.

TEXT Arnold van Bruggen
DESIGN Kummer & Herrman

ENGLISH TRANSLATION Cecily Layzell FRENCH TRANSLATION Cécile Pougault THANKS TO Nanda Janssen, Julie Laymond (COOP), Galiane Bergonzoli and
Lauréna Laher.

REALISED WITH SUPPORT FROM the European Cultural Foundation, Mondriaan Fund, Embassy of the Netherlands in Paris, NVF-fonds, Machinerie, Provincie Utrecht and COOP with the support of the Ministry of Culture - DRAC Nouvelle- Aquitaine, the Nouvelle- Aquitaine Region and the Pyrénées Atlantiques Department.

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