A Dialogue With Nature is a publication in which the process and philosophical background of ︎︎︎project Interwoven is uncovered. It also contains some fungi-facts and fungi-philosophy.
The process of Interwoven is a big part of the story behind the work. All of the experimenting, both in storytelling and in measuring fungi-data, seemed to inspire people around us. We’d also been reading lots and lots of philosophy about the relationship between humans and nature from for example Matthijs Schouten and Merlin Sheldrake. We decided to not let this part of the work go but to combine it into this publication. It also works as a part of the work Interwoven that people can take with them, and so the connection between viewers and the work is extended and taken home.

I chose to use a grid system in which both small and bigger prints of photos can be shown, along with small descriptions and dates to chronologically convey our process. Small chapters tell the story of our process and the philosophy.

The style of the book is typically research-like, with the goal of taking the readers along in our process. This style is commonly used in photobooks about visual research. I was hugely inspired by museum booklets and informational books about biology and physics.


Interwoven - A Dialogue With Nature (2021)

AUTHORS & GRAPHIC DESIGN Lidewei Reitsma, Jonne Verheij PRINTING FUNGI SPONSOR Paddenstoelenrijk FUNGI ADVICE  Han Wösten, Jan Dijksterhuis, Robert-Jan Bleichrodt SPECIAL THANKS TO Melanie Kandelaars, Juli Laczko, Job van Nuenen, Cyrille Bloemers, Wiam Al-Zabari, René Lansink, Ronald Nijhof, Mik Witte, Lenno Verhoog, Marijn Cinjee, Martijn van Gessel, Kas Houthuijs, Goldo Gorin, Shirley Niemans, Jaap Reitsma, Wim van Egmond, Geert-Peter de Rijk, Dirk Lentz, Awesome Utrecht