In the video installation ‘Handelingen’ (dutch for ‘acts’), different videos visualize the journey of a process to an end result. Creativity and inspiration cannot be fabricated, which can be frustrating. In a creative process, we strive to reach our goal, but what happens when that goal is finally reached? The whole process starts over.

It was part of echt_def_2, a collaborative exhibition by 14 media students about doubts and pressure in the process of making. The exhibition took place in 2019 in the Academie Gallerie in Utrecht.

In the course of a year we created an exhibition on a topic that we share as young makers; to be looking for your own place within the professional field and to constantly reinvent yourself. Different works concerning this topic and the overall appearance of the exhibition, give spectators an insight into our perspective on the topic as mentioned above.

Website echt_def_2 ︎︎︎

VIDEO INSTALLATION ‘HANDELINGEN’ Naomi Groeneveld, Fleur van der Kaaden, Jonne Verheij EXHIBITION CONCEPT & BUILD Sanne Brouwer, Esmée Bruins, Lindsey Bundel, Rossel Chaslie, Naomi Groeneveld, Ruben Gijselhart, Brent van den Hove, Fleur van der Kaaden, Steven de Kort, Frank Kroeze, Mandy Nijhof, Mayra Slagbroom, Pepijn Zuiderveld, Jonne Verheij PHOTOS Peter van Dijk

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